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Commercial Financing

Commercial Capital Training

Comprehensive training program based on technical & real world experience directly applicable to your clients or your own project

The State of Todays Lending Market (There have never been more capital options)

Part I

Market Overview

  • More companies lending to businesses

  • More business lending products

  • Institutional investors looking for yield

  • Technology created new methods of underwriting and processing payment structures

How Technology is Driving Todays Lending Environment

  • Fintech

  • How technology has changed underwriting

  • Peer to Peer Lending

  • Aggregators

  • Direct Lenders

  • Cash Advance

  • Crowd Funding

Non-Bank Financing

  • Is it Practical or Predatory?

  • CDFI’s

  • Asset Based Financing

  • Specialty Finance

  • SBIC/CDVCA Financing

Part II

New Forms of Financing

  • Project Based Financing

  • Foreign Direct Investment EB-5

  • New Market Tax Credits

  • Other Tax Credits Available

Commercial Real Estate Financing

  • Commercial Real Estate Underwriting 101

  • Types lending platforms

  • Sources of Capital

Case Studies & Combining Strategies

  • Las Vegas Development Project $21 Million

A Practical Framework to Using Multiple Financing Sources and Structures in the Capital Stack

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